Canvas Fabric Storage Baskets Grey Beige


Welcome to MangataBox! 🌟

A basket for everything: Do you know this too? You're looking for a chic, practical way to store your stuff everywhere. Our Mangata storage baskets are just the thing! In a cosy beige shade on top and a plain grey on the bottom - they're not only useful, they look really chic too.

Why you'll love MangataBox:

Quality you can feel: our basket made of sturdy canvas and eco-friendly EVA always stays in shape, we promise!
Leather handles to fall in love with: These hand-sewn treasures can really take a beating. And they look great too!
For big and small: From toys to clothes, we have the right basket for everything, from size S to XXL.
Drawstring? Of course!: In sizes XL and XXL everything stays dust-free thanks to the drawstring.

Where MangataBox feels most at home?:
In the wardrobe: Bye-bye, clothes chaos!
Living room: For all those books, DVDs or magazines that are otherwise lying around everywhere.
Bathroom: So that all your favourite creams and make-up utensils have a nice home.
Children's room: A perfect place for toys and cuddly toys.
... and everywhere else you need a bit of order and style!
Take a look around and let MangataBox inspire you! Your home will thank you for it! 🏡❤️

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