How to Make Your Home More Zen

Home is the place where we spend the longest time and can quickly return to peaceful and quiet. So what is a must for Zen House? Neat and tidy, Sure!

zen house living room Mangata

Clean and tidiness are the most basic conditions of Zen home. And so a messy and cluttered space is difficult to associate with Zen House.

Do subtraction for our home, Stir ourselves now. In the process of cleaning the room and sorting out the storage, it is not only the cleaning of the environment, but also examine our deepest thoughts into my heart. Always reflect on whether we have bought some unnecessary things? Did these items were placed in inappropriate locations? Are you overly reluctant to unwanted items?

organized zen home

After cleaning and tidying, the home becomes bright and largh.

modern zen designed house

A tidy and clean work area quite often plays an important part in sparking off an idea.