New Brick Game Console Large Screen Backlight Brightness 23 Games Compatible with Lithium Battery and AAA Batteries Plug In Headphone (Black)


Creative classic nostalgic brick game console, New appearance design, very good grip feeling, built-in 23 puzzle games. Suitable for indoor/outdoor/travel, you can use it to play games instead of using your mobile phone to play games, so as to save your mobile phone battery; It is one of the best gifts.

Built-in 23 classic puzzle games, each game has a different difficulty and level to choose from, and the speed of the game can also be adjusted; The number 01-23 displayed at the top of the screen is the sort number of the game. Different numbers correspond to different games. Use ROTATE button to select the game corresponding to the number. The number 01 is a classic brick game, and it is recommended that the novice start playing this game.

Large blue backlit screen, the screen brightness can be adjusted to suit your playing games in different environments; short press the brightness adjustment touch key to turn on or off the backlight, long-press the brightness adjustment touch key to adjust the backlight brightness;

Support dual power supply mode. Lithium batteries can be recharged repeatedly (included), energy-saving and environmental protection; you can also use 3 AAA batteries (not included), it is easy to buy, you can play with the battery, convenient and fast; you can plug in a headphone. A game without sound has no soul, plug in headphone, you can hear the sound without disturbing others;

The game can be paused and shut down, and you can continue to play next time without starting over. First press the S/P button to pause, then press the ON/OFF button to turn off the screen (don't turn off the power button), next time you turn it on, you can continue playing at the last time.

Game list:
01.Classic brick game; 02-08.Other modes of brick games; 09.Tanks war; 10.Racing game; 11.Bounce ball; 12.Shooting game; 13.Barriers to Bounce ball; 14-15. Fill the shooting game; 16-23. Various reverse brick games

Product Specifications:
1. Screen: Large blue backlit screen
2. Number of games: 23 games
3. power supply mode: Lithium battery/3 AAA batteries
4.Lithium Battery capacity: 400 mAh
5. Operation mode: button
6. Game mode: brick game
7. Charging interface: USB data interface
8. Product material. Environmentally Friendly Plastic
9. Packing box; Premium gift box

Product Accessories
Game console + Charging Cable + manual
Product size: 14.6*9.5 *2cm
Product weight: 120g
Packing box size:17.2*13.6*3.7cm
Shipping weight: 267g

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